Construction of custom-made machines and mechanical supplies.

Construction of custom-made machines and mechanical supplies.

Numerous leading companies entrust the technicians at ATS Groep with the construction of custom-made machines and mechanical supplies.

Our designers take care of all engineering right down to the details using the most recent and powerful version of Solid Works, our preferred 3D-package.

Whatever challenge you set us, we always come up with an efficient mechanical solution, from the study phase to completion.

Our engineers and technicians are at home in the production and automation world.

They form a team that guarantees a fast and efficient approach at all levels and for all aspects of your projects.

After delivery we also take responsibility for the after sales service. Our separate service team is also placed at your service.

The maintenance contract that we offer you is meticulously tailored to meet your company's particular needs.

We enjoy an enviable reputation worldwide for the production of:  

• Guillotines (for the paper and plastics industry)
• Packing machines
• Vacuum packing machines
• Skinning machines for fish, meat and poultry
• Washing and drying installations
• Conveyors
• Vacuum units
• …

Our modern and professionally equipped workplaces supply excellent work for many domains (possibly also as subcontracted work):   

• Folding and welding work
• Spraying work
• Waterjet machines
• CNC-machines
• …