Fish Skinning

Cretel is one of the world's leading manufacturers of fish skinning machines. Thanks to its strong and highly advanced R&D policy, the company has become an authority in the field of fish skinning machinery, and has gained a worldwide reputation of quality and reliability.

A full range of fish Heavy-Duty Skinners, from economic table tops to automatic industrial belt machines, is offered to meet every single demand from the fish processing industry.

  • Series 362 - Table top model with capacity between 20 to 40 pcs/min (Depending the kind of fish).
  • Series 365 - Freestanding Heavy-Duty Fish skinner with capacity between 20 to 50 pcs/min (Depending the kind of fish).
  • Series 460 - Freestanding models from manual to fully automatic machine, capacity between 40 to 160 pcs/min (Depending the model and kind of fish).
  • Fish Scaler - For fast and efficient removal os scales for all kinds of fish.
  • Sharpenset - A variety of tools can be ground by wet grinding on flat surface, either by hand or with the use of various attachments.